Verification and Validation

HeptaGenic provide world's best verification and validation/testing services. We use reliable testing techniques and tools to test software products. We are well equipped with testing methodologies to test any software product based on the customer's specifications irrespective of all the domains. We offer testing services at all the levels right from the inception (Software requirements).

We undertake testing projects at all the three levels:

    • Unit Level
    • Integration Level
    • System Level
    • Acceptance Level

At Unit level testing which is white box testing in nature, we use different techniques like:

    • Code coverage techniques
    • Memory detection techniques
    • API level techniques

At Integration level, we verify and validate for:

    • Data consistency
    • Integration of modules based on the functionality

At system level, these are the different types of testing which we provide:

    • Installation Testing
    • Configuration Testing
    • Functionality Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Compatibility Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Trustworthiness Testing
    • Recovery Testing
    • Internationalization Testing
    • Documentation Testing
    • Regression Testing

At HeptaGenic, we provide the best technical and innovative services with quantitative and qualitative measures, follow our process for the testing activity or follow as per the customer's guidelines deliverables which will enlighten and satisfy our customers.

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