Web Development

Web Strategy

We answer the important questions by having one of our project managers perform a pre-production scope analysis which includes:

    • Short, mid and long-term goals
    • Customer profiles and goals
    • Competitive analysis
    • Web analytics review
    • Website functionality
    • Internet technologies
    • Estimation

Website Design

Our designs are elegant, contemporary and professional. Our web site designers and business strategists create sophisticated sites that support your brand and meet your business objectives. We balance art with functionality, delivering content in the most efficient and satisfying manner. Our designs are fully tested for compatibility with multiple operating systems, multiple browsers, screen resolutions, download speeds and more importantly usability.

Website Hosting

Our programming team assists most clients with their hosting requirements. The benefits of this are that our experienced team can quickly and effectively implement your website with the most advanced hosting companies. We do not provide hosting solutions nor do we receive any commissions from any hosting companies. This ensures that we choose the most effective and reliable hosting company for your requirements.

Web Programming and Compliance

Modern websites are far more than simple HTML. Design principles will only get you so far. You need a strong technical team to ensure your website functions correctly on the complex and ever-changing web.

HeptaGenic has a strong and focused team of dedicated programmers fully trained on the latest technical developments for the web. These programmers ensure your site is programmed professionally for:

    • Compliance and compatibility with mainstream browsers
    • Fine tune performance when downloading content on the website
    • Ensure Website, SSL and Server Commerce security are correctly implemented to the best of standards
    • Ensure effective web analytics are configured and monitored peridically for clear analysis
    • The most advanced Cascading Style Sheets are applied for compliance and editing
    • Advanced options are correctly implemented such as Javascript, DHTML, Flash, XML, WAP, VB scripts, and all other related web based technologies
    • The website is as W3C compliant as feasible
    • Forms are designed and programmed for ease of use and reliability
    • Databases are effectively implemented to easily capture or present required information
    • E-Commerce

Everyone knows an effective e-commerce website design can increase a company's business and reputation. But with customizable shopping carts, credit card processing, top level security, database applications and the like to deal with, taking an order is far more complicated than a lot of people realize. The reality of doing business online is that you absolutely need to have an e-commerce expert in your corner, thinking about the little things that can either make or break your bottom line. That is why we at HeptaGenic in Bangalore, go above and beyond to make things simple for you. Take a look through our portfolio of effective e-commerce website designs that we have created for others, and then contact us.

Content Writing

The most difficult part of the web development process for most of our clients is content development. To assist with this, HeptaGenic has developed a short writing seminar that takes the mystery out of writing for the web.

If you require web writing services, our experienced interactive writing team employs current Internet writing standards to ensure your content is structured for maximum web readability. We layer content, which encourages users to burrow deeper for information. We also incorporate metaphors, pictures, graphics and sounds to enhance the communication process.

Working with you we extract meaningful content from your brochures, marketing materials, technical papers, corporate presentations, news releases and strategic plans. Guided by your user navigation and scope analysis we use the materials that best support your on-line objectives. We also provide you with a helpful "Guide to Assembling Content", this document outlines the correct submission process to reduce errors, omissions and unnecessary fees.

Content Management System

With 75% of our clients managing their own website we have extensive experience with content management solutions. We can recommend the best solution for your particular requirements and assist you with implementation, training and on-going support.

Some of the many features of a Content Management Solution are:

    • Dynamic Personalization & Localization
    • Robust, Granular Security
    • Powerful Search
    • Separation of Content, Presentation & Business Logic
    • Cross-browser WYSIWYG Editors
    • Distinct Staging & Publishing Mode
    • Web-based File Management
    • Configurable Workflow
    • Vacations Mode
    • Navigation Builder
    • Automated Versioning
    • Activity Log
    • Automated Locking
    • Itemized Portal Content
    • Search Engine Friendly
    • W3C Compliance
    • Multilingual Capabilities
    • Programming Languages

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be an integral part of any Internet marketing program. HeptaGenic can provide you with a comprehensive SEO review, strategy and implementation service that will help your website achieve top ranking with Google and other popular search engines. Success speaks for itself. Many of our clients are now listed as "No.1" in their category at Google. Let us help drive traffic to your website and increase you visitor conversions. Our SEO services are available in two packages: Enhanced and High Performance. Enhanced SEO starting at $1,500 perfect for organizations that want to gain greater exposure to qualified web traffic and stay ahead of the competition. High Performance SEO at $3,600 for organizations that need to be a market leader by gaining a strong competitive advantage on the Internet.

Here is what you get with Enhanced SEO from HeptaGenic:

    • Competitive Analysis
    • Find out who are your competitors are as well as how and where they rank
    • Measure your website's performance against your top competitors
    • Keyword Research
    • Research relevant keywords that real customers are using to find you and your competition
    • Spreadsheet report of search terms, traffic and popularity
    • Free Submission to 100 search engines
    • We will make sure that all the top search engines can find your website and index it properly
    • SEO Implementation
    • We will integrate the top five relevant keywords within your website code so that you get the most from the Enhanced SEO program
    • Ranking Review
    • We will track your website's search position for 60 days and provide you with recommendations on how to further improve your rankings

With High Performance SEO you get the complete Enhanced SEO package plus these extra services:

    • Link Building Campaign
    • Build a related web links campaign and submit your site to online directories to further increase your ranking
    • Free Submission to 200 search engines
    • We will submit your website to an additional 100 search engines
    • Site Integration of 10 highly targeted key words
    • We will integrate an additional five relevant keywords within your website code to maximize the efficiency of your website for SEO ranking
    • Website Analytics
    • By implementing analytics tools within your website, we will be able to employ the most effective SEO tactics
    • 90-Day Ranking Review and Updates
    • In addition to tracking your websites search position for an extra 30 days, we will update your website code to take advantage of the ranking report data and SEO opportunities
    • Customized SEO

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement of the behavior of visitors to a website. Web Analytics is a technique for maximizing the business potential of a website through the measurement and analysis of its visitor behavior.

Web analytics provides hard figures on which to base decisions and develop intelligent strategies. It also delivers the ability to precisely measure the effectiveness of any initiatives, rapidly proving what works and what doesn't, thus Web Analytics provides valuable information that can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of your website.

    • HeptaGenic provide real-time web analytics using visual reports on page views, unique visits, link referrals, and e-marketing results. With our website analytic services, you'll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors
    • Our web analytics solution precisely tracks the search engines and keywords that are driving traffic to you website. See which search engines and keywords are referring your most profitable and targeted traffic
    • With web analytics, you can understand your visitors, traffic patterns, marketing campaigns, conversion dynamics and more
    • Our web analytics solution can make it easy to fine tune your website and campaign performance to maximize your return on investment (ROI)
    • With web analytics, you can identify website trends. You will also understand how visitors interact with your website. You can identify the navigational choke points that prevent visitors from completing their conversion goals. By segmenting visitors, you can also find out how profitable your search marketing campaigns are across search engines and/or search strategies like Search Engine Optimization, pay per click and Pay-For-Calls advertising
    • Continuous improvement should be a fundamental part of your web analytics goals. It is not enough to just measure. You have to distribute the results of measurement to all key personnel, especially those in sales and marketing, to continuously improve your website and marketing campaigns
    • Web analytics can also provide useful opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. On a consumer electronics site, for example, you might learn that the visitors who buy VHS tapes also look at DVD players, but don't buy them. Armed with this information, you can promote DVD players heavily in those areas of the site, in an effort to influence an impulse purchase
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